Wednesday, April 23, 2014


Backyard Bible School

Come join the fun on Saturday, May 18th at Crossroads Church RCA in Lenexa, KS! We... 


“God’s Backyard Bible Camp” is the theme for this year’s... 

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Worship Prep

Thoughts Regarding Spiritual Formation

Thoughts Regarding Spiritual Formation Let me say that each and all of us are undergoing... 

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Scripture Focus: Matthew 5:21-37 Most people whom we know, if asked about their keeping... 

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Lent 2013

Words from the Cross It was on a Friday, a Friday long ago, a Friday that has come to be called “Good Friday”, that Jesus hung suspended between heaven and earth in a form so torturous that even the cruel Romans eventually outlawed it. As Jesus hung in agony, He spoke what has come to be known as “The Seven Last Words”. These... [Read more of this review]

Family Lodge

While food is always needed, Crossroads is the only church providing Personal and Household Cleaning Items to The Lodge. We are considered a Blessing to them. We would love to be able to deliver items more than once a month ~ so next time you are at Hy- Vee, please visit their $ Days Section ~ $1.00 personal and household items. May we continue to provide... [Read more of this review]

Winnebago Reformed Church Update

We have an update from the Winnebago Reformed Church in Nebraska from Lowell & Connie TenClay. Click here to download the Winnebago Letter from October 2011.  Read More →

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