Sunday, February 18, 2018

Women’s Ministry

Women are invited to a variety of opportunities for sharing and fellowship through gatherings for crafts, retreats and meals. The Women’s Ministry also supports Crossroads’ mission through an annual fall fundraiser and spring garage sale.

The women of our church make prayer quilts for the purpose is to collect prayers and positive thoughts for the person in need as a physical memento of the presence of love and the Holy Spirit. The quilts are made for individuals. The sewing is not important, only the thoughts and prayers that go into these quilts of love. If you have someone in mind for a quilt, please ask them if the people of Crossroads can pray for them, they must also be willing for us to share a bit of their story so that we can be specific in our prayers, No money can ever be exchanged for these quilts, but if you would like to donate to this ministry please feel free to, or donate fabric, batting or threads and patterns. They cannot be bought, bartered or traded.