Sunday, February 18, 2018

Karla Huitink Memorial

Karla Huitink, the first lady of Crossroads, passed away in August of 2009. She was a champion of children, pouring her passion, skill, and energy into the lives of the youngest of our world. She launched and administered one of the best preschools in Johnson County, inspiring thousands of children and teachers. She invested her faith and life in the children of the congregation as well.

At her passing, the Karla Huitink Memorial was established for the purpose of promoting spiritual formation and development in children. Her love of children, mission to inspire and encourage the youngest among us, and her passion for integrating the needs and opportunities of the individual child are being developed a project which will continue her passion and vision In our world. This project is being developed and will soon be launched. Administered by the Crossroads Church, the Karla Huitink Memorial Fund continues to receive contributions earmarked for the fund and made out to Crossroads Church.