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Just Walk Across The Room

August 27, 2015  
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More than two thousand years ago, Jesus himself introduced the perfect model for evangelism. He left the marvelous adoration of the angels and the perfection of heaven, and he chose to “walk” clear across the cosmos. He had no memorized script and no forced formulas. Instead, he was armed only with an offer of redemption to people just like you and me, many of whom were neck-deep in pain of our own making. The goal for every Christian is to reflect Christ’s love and follow his example by taking simple walks across rooms—leaving our circles of comfort and extending hands of care, compassion, and inclusiveness to people living far from God. Building on the solid foundation laid by Jesus over 2000 years ago Walk Across the Room signals the next era in personal evangelism. Author Bill Hybels’ firm conviction is that the highest value in personal evangelism is being aware of and cooperative with the promptings of the Holy Spirit. This means playing the role you are intended to play—

  • Walk when the Spirit says to walk
  • Talk when the Spirit says to talk
  • Fall silent when the Spirit suggests that you’ve already said enough!

The stakes are high. The implications are eternal. And you may be only a conversation away from pointing someone to faith—if you will just walk across the room.

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