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Healing Grief Group

February 3, 2017  
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hopeLosing a loved one can be a very debilitating and chaos-producing event. Our mind ranges wildly, we have painful emotions and we wonder if we might be going crazy. We experience what the Psalmist calls “the valley of the shadow of death.” Death can create a very deep, dark and frightening shadow.

Yet, we need not traverse that valley alone! Don Huitink, pastor of Crossroads Church, has experienced that valley and walked with many through that valley. There is hope, there is life, not the one we wanted or the one we had, but there is the potential of a new life.

We are forming a Healing Grief Group where all are welcome regardless of where you are in your journey of grief.  If you, or someone you know, wishes to learn more about this group or has questions about the process, please contact Pastor Don Huitink at

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