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The Power Room

October 12, 2016  
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There is only one source of power and we will find it in the “Power Room” where we spend time with God.

Annville Mission Trip

June 21, 2016  
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The volunteers of Crossroads Church are on a mission trip in Annville, Kentucky.

Thoughts Regarding Spiritual Formation

September 9, 2015  
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Thoughts Regarding Spiritual Formation Let me say that each and all of us are undergoing spiritual formation.  In fact, every person in the world is undergoing spiritual formation.  I say that because Scripture tells us that we are spiritual beings.  As spiritual beings, we are being bombarded by stimuli that are forming us.  The real […]

Just Walk Across The Room

August 27, 2015  
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More than two thousand years ago, Jesus himself introduced the perfect model for evangelism. He left the marvelous adoration of the angels and the perfection of heaven, and he chose to “walk” clear across the cosmos. He had no memorized script and no forced formulas. Instead, he was armed only with an offer of redemption […]

Annville Mission Trip Moments

June 1, 2015  
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by Merry Morris Day 1 Our kids worked in the thrift store organizing donations and participated in the archery camp that’s happening on campus and interacting with some of the youth from the area. A group went to a nearby town called McKee to a gymnasium-turned-thrift store/multi-use area. We insulated walls and hung dry wall.  We […]