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Annville Mission Trip

June 21, 2016  
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By Lauren Baxter

Day 1:
Hello Crossroads family! We are in the foothills of East Kentucky and we are all having fun. We started VBS and made some new friends. There were about 30 kids who joined us. We were able to work in the trade store and PD and Arv got to ‘play’ on a couple of zero radius mowers. The children were able to finish their day with swimming. They were really excited about that, because every time they would get ready they would encounter some sort of set back. It made the reward even sweeter.



Day 2
Another great day of VBS! We have been meeting new people and developing some great new friendships. Arv and PD put together some scaffolding and we had a very short trip to the trade store. We are looking forward to tomorrow!

Annville VBS

Day 3
We continued to help with VBS in the morning. We have had a helper with crafts who has truly become part of the team! The second collage is of the work we were able to do and the beautiful hike we were able to take.

Our hike to the waterfall and s'mores for dessert.

Our hike to the waterfall and s’mores for dessert.

Day 4
Thursday was the last day of VBS and it was sad to say goodbye to these kids and staff. Instead of giving you photos of the same activities, I thought I would share some pictures of the staff that we have worked with. All of these people helped shape our experience. They were delightful, courteous, and very welcoming. If we had a question or needed anything they would go above and beyond for us.

  • The top left picture is of Tommy, his son Landon, and Alex. Tommy helped coordinate our stay and found work for us to do around the campus. His son Landon attended vbs and helped me set up the field every morning.
  • The top right picture is of Mrs. Karen. She prepared our breakfasts and lunches as well as the kids’ meals every day of vbs.  She is so sweet and the kids love her!
  • Tristan ran the crafts activities. He decided what the craft was everyday and also taught an additional Bible scripture for memorization. He had the kids bring their Bibles everyday and coordinated prizes for them.
  • Ms. Mercedes is seen posing with two special campers. She was known as the ‘child whisperer’ and has been the camp counselor for years. She’s also a social worker and would drive several kids in from the domestic violence shelter every morning.

I loved teaching the kids soccer and enjoyed working with them everyday. I loved having them ask ‘when is soccer?’ instead of ‘when do we swim?’ after the first day. Getting hugs from them today was my favorite part of the entire experience.

Amazing people we met in Annville

Amazing people we met in Annville


Volunteers spoke about their experiences during our June 26 service, listen in at Reflections from the Annville Mission Trip.

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