Sunday, February 18, 2018

Our Vision

As the creation of God’s grace, we are an inclusive, innovative, dynamic, caring, hope-filled community led by the Spirit of God in:

  • Living in covenant relationship with God, each other and our global village
  • Empowering each other to become more and more the light of Christ by which the world is enabled to find their way into God’s loving embrace
  • Inspiring a growing spirituality that glorifies God in every dimension of life, sees and serves the needs of the world and discovers meaning and purpose in living and
  • Designing a variety of opportunities in which God is performing miracles of healing and reconciliation

Our name, Crossroads Church, was selected because it is our vision to be a community of people who are in a covenant relationship with God and each other. It is at the intersection of our life with God that we discover that we are deeply loved and invited to a life of significance through the power of God’s Spirit. A second aspect of our name, Crossroads, is that we seek to be a community through whom the grace and love of God flows to touch people who are at a crossroads in life. Crossroads provide choices, decisions and new directions. God continually gives us new beginnings through forgiveness and grace.